Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Immediate Superior

5If you work in a corporate environment, then you probably know that giving of corporate gifts is a norm that almost everyone follows. You may give gifts to your colleagues and even to your boss. Don’t think for one second that coming up with corporate gift ideas is like ‘bribing’ your way into your boss’ good side. The giving of corporate gifts isn’t mandatory at all. Rather, it’s one way of showing appreciation for the hard work, patience, and resilience of your immediate superior.

Without the decision-making skills and efforts of your boss, his company wouldn’t go anywhere. You’re part of the company, which means that you’re part of all its successes, too. Hence, it’s only proper to commend your boss for what he’s doing for the company, in the same way, that you would want to receive commendations for your hard work as an employee, too. Coming up with great corporate gift ideas isn’t too difficult. The gifts need not be expensive. It’s the intent and its presentation that matters most.


Bosses are known to be sticklers for punctuality. Perhaps your own boss hates being late, too. If that’s the case, you could check out outsized outdoor clocks and give him one for use in his patio or outdoor kitchen. It’s one of the best tools he can use during barbecues to ensure the meat is grilled just right.

Another timeless gift that your boss will surely appreciate is wine. Of course, it has to be the kind that even wine connoisseurs would love. Along with the wine, you can include some tools that would make his wine drinking even more pleasurable. This includes a bottle stopper, corkscrew, wine pourer, thermometer, and a pair of wine glasses. You can enclose all these in a handsome and presentable wine box made of metal or any sturdy material.


Also included in these corporate gift ideas is a tea set or picnic basket. You can prepare a basket and fill it with picnic linens, a box of cookies, a few packs of tea in assorted flavors, and gourmet cheese or chocolates. If you know that your boss plays golf for relaxation, you could give him some new gloves, digital wall clocks that depict golf, or a personalized cap.


Really, the possibilities are endless, and if you want to give your boss something that he would truly appreciate, make sure it’s something that relates to what your boss does during weekends or when he’s away from work. That would show that you’re reaching out to him with the gift on a personal level and under no obligation to anyone.