Which Service Providers Best Help to Protect Your Identity?

home-securityYour personal care on your identity is the best way you can protect yourself from being a victim of identity theft. But service providers are also of good help for identity theft protection. You just need to know which is better among the leading identity theft protection service companies. Choosing the right service provider to protect your identity is what this article is all about so you need to read more about these lifelock reviews to arrive at your best decision.

First of all, look for a service provider that runs credit reports daily to make sure everything on your identity information looks the way it should be. Then make a comparison based on the following criteria or questions:

What is the scope of service the provider protects? Does the company protect all your identifying details? It is good to have some sort of scrutiny when selecting a service provider because all claim to protect everything but you will only find out later that the scope of their protection is limited. Here’s a complete list of your personal details that needs to be protected:

  • Social Security Number
  • Account Information on your banks
  • Credit Cards
  • Loans and Leases Information
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Public Record Information
  • Your Full Name
  • Telephone Number and Addresses (including your e-mail address)
  • Insurance Records and Vehicle Registration Plate. There are service providers which made the last two details an exception but it is best if the company guarantees that all in the list is protected.

The next list would be additional services and features that need to be protected as well for you to avoid identity theft. Check if the provider you are considering gives a hundred percent protection over these details: Criminal Record Information, Fraud Alerts and Monitoring, Resolution Services. Stolen Wallet Assistance, Service Guarantee, Insurance, Mail List Removal, Family Coverage, Credit History Reports.

Credit Monitoring Services and Customer Support Hours

The most important in the list you should consider is the insurance plan the company is offering. A company that offers a financial relief and assistance once your identity is stolen is a good choice.

Never ignore, of course, the plans and pricing offered by these service providers. Make sure that these services confined with the best features they offer such as sending alerts on identity threats, monitoring address change, court records and even sex offenders. Know how they proactively monitors credits and identity and how they assist in case you lost something.

May these lifelock reviews help you to get the best service provider for the protection of your identity.